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A little girl waits

While you're going about your daily life, a little girl like Sarah waits... and hopes!

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Sponsorship changes the life of a child, their family and their entire community.

For the past 80+ years, ChildFund has been connecting generous donors to children in need around the world through child sponsorship. Many things are different from 1938, but one thing that has remained is the life-transforming impact of sponsorship on a child, their family and their entire community. 

What can I really do?

Turn your pocket change into lasting change.

There's not much you can still buy these days for less than $2. ChildFund's model of community support is able to multiply the impact of your donations and create sustainable solutions to poverty, turning your pocket change into lasting change for children and their families.

The impact of your donations

"Is child sponsorship right for me?"

One of the best ways you can create long-lasting community change is through monthly giving. By sponsoring a child, you not only provide a community in need with generous support, but you're also able to see your donations make a difference by watching as the child you sponsor grows up educated, healthy, and happy.

Only you can know if child sponsorship is right for you but, if you're anything like the 13,000+ New Zealanders who joyfully support children through ChildFund, you won't regret it

How sponsorship works:

Choose a community to support each month

Currently child sponsors are most needed in three areas where we work: Kenya, Zambia and Sri Lanka. Read more about our communities and choose the one that you want to help.

Not sure? Let us direct your donations to the community that needs them the most. 

More about our communities

Your donations help improve the community

Every month, your donations are sent to your sponsored child's community, where we are implementing life-changing programmes that help children and youth to thrive! 

Your sponsored child and their entire community benefits from your support!

How your donations help

We report back on the impact of your support

You will receive regular reports to show you how your donations are making a difference for your sponsored child and their community. You'll also receive letters and photos from your child.

Seeing is believing: For sponsors, our reports are proof that child sponsorship works!

Latest News and Stories

Child sponsors build strong relationships with the families they support.

As soon as you make the decision to sponsor a child, we reach out to our local partners, who get the privilege of informing that child and their family that you are their new sponsor. It is very exciting to learn that a child has been sponsored, because it means they have an opportunity to have a very bright future, thanks to you.

A key aspect of the child sponsorship experience is communicating with the children and families you support every month. Through the years, you'll watch as your sponsored child grows up and, through letters and photos, you'll get to know their personal interests and hobbies. Some sponsors choose to travel to meet their sponsored child in person. These visits are life-changing and help form an amazing relationship.

Gifts and messages

If you choose, you can send special gifts and greetings to your sponsored child.

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"Are there any other ways to help children to thrive?"

For many people, child sponsorship is the best way to make an impact, because they want to build a relationship with a child and their family. For others, simply knowing their support is helping is all that matters. 

If child sponsorship isn't for you, that's ok. There are many ways to help through ChildFund. 

Sponsor a Community

For just $35/month, you'll be helping children and families in one of our priority areas. Choose a community and help children to thrive! 

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Become a Change Creator

For $125/month, Change Creators are a special group of donors who want to accelerate impact for children through community projects.

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Join Child Essentials

Help provide basic needs for children. For just $20/month, Child Essentials donors help us reach the children who are most in need.

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Future Fund

It's the best investment you'll make for just $5.

Through child sponsorship you automatically invest $5 into Future Fund each month, helping us to innovate and create new programmes and ways to create social impact for children.

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