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Emali, Kenya

Helping in Emali since 2006

Community Road Maps

Since 2006, Emali has been our dedicated programme community in Kenya.

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We are helping create big change for children and families in Emali.

By 2026, children and families in Emali will be living in a community where children and youth have their basic needs met and are protected from all forms of harm and abuse. Until then, we need your help to implement our life-changing programmes and projects for children in Emali, Kenya.

Emali, Kenya

A unique place for children and youth to grow up.

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Facts about Emali, Kenya:

Climate change is having a big impact on Emali.

Emali is susceptible to drought. In recent droughts, crop failure reached 90% and livestock loss was more than 70%. 

Access to water and sanitation facilities is low.

More than half of rural households have no access to a toilet, and nearly 1 in 3 people collect water from unsafe sources.

Literacy is low and many children are malnourished.

In Emali, the literacy rate is much lower than the national average, and only 42% of families can provide a balanced meal for their children. 

Sponsor a child

For less than $2/day, you can help a child like Meshack in Kenya to thrive.

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More ways you can help:

Give a gift from our Gifts that Grow catalogue.

Give a meaningful gift, while helping children access livelihoods, clean water and more through our Gifts that Grow catalogue.

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Sponsor Emali and create sustainable change.

For just over $1/day, you can become a Community Sponsor, helping children and families to achieve their goal of self-reliance.

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Invest in Social Impact and get an incredible return.

You can invest your money in a local business project in Emali, and help children to thrive while receiving both financial and social returns.

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Family livelihoods

New sources of income for local families.

Families in Emali earn an income through livestock and crop farming. With climate change, this is becoming more difficult. 

Donors are helping families find alternate sources of income.

Our work in Livelihoods

Water and Sanitation

Providing better access to safe water sources.

Our work in Water and Sanitation

Quality Education

We're helping to educate more children in Emali.

Overcrowded classrooms, high drop-out rates and low literacy have all hindered progress for children and youth.

Help us improve access to a quality education in Emali, Kenya.

Our work in Education