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Around the world, there are children and families who don't have access to life's basic essentials.

You can help change this.

You can help to change thousands of children’s lives across the world. Becoming a monthly donor means that you will be providing children with life-changing help every single day. Your donations will be put to immediate use for essential needs to support children, their families and wider community.

How you can help

Your support will change their lives.

You will be giving children the chance to go to school, play with their friends, eat nutritious food, drink safe water and see a doctor when they are sick. You will be protecting children from violence, exploitation and harm. 

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Other ways to help children and youth to thrive:

Sponsor a Community

Through monthly giving, you'll be helping children and families in our dedicated communities. Sponsor a community today and help children to thrive! 

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Gifts that Grow

Our Gifts that Grow catalogue contains life-changing gifts that help children and youth in ChildFund-supported communities

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Become a ChildFund Guardian

ChildFund Guardians are a special group of donors who want to accelerate impact for children.

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