Our work in
Luangwa, Zambia

Helping in Luangwa since 2010

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Since 2010, ChildFund has been helping children in Luangwa, Zambia.

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In Luangwa, Zambia, we are helping children and their families to thrive.

By 2026,our partners and families in Luangwa envisage communities in which children and youth have their basic needs met, and are protected from all forms of harm and abuse. Until then, we need your help to implement our life-changing programmes and projects for children in Luangwa, Zambia.

Luangwa, Zambia

A rural community in eastern Africa, with unique wildlife and geography.

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Facts about Luangwa, Zambia:

There is limited access to safe drinking water.

One-third of children and their families have no access to safe, clean drinking water.

Many children drop out of school at an early age.

Children may be forced to leave school due to finances, pregnancy, early marriage or illness.

Transmission of malaria is a very real threat.

Life-threatening malaria is endemic, especially amongst children and pregnant women.

Sponsor a child

We currently need sponsors to support girls and boys in Luangwa, Zambia.

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More ways you can help:

Sponsor Luangwa and create sustainable change.

For just over $1/day, you can become a Community Sponsor, helping children and families to achieve their goal of self-reliance.

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Become a Change Creator and accelerate your impact.

For $125/month, Change Creators are a special group of donors who want to accelerate impact for children through community projects. 

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Give a gift from our Gifts that Grow catalogue.

Give a meaningful gift, while helping children access livelihoods, nutritious food and more through our Gifts that Grow catalogue.

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Water and Sanitation

Access to safe drinking water is a problem for many.

In Luangwa, people walk very far to collect contaminated water for their families to consume. 

ChildFund donors are helping by building safe water access points and boreholes nearby, and more. 

Our work in Water and Sanitation


Agriculture is the main livelihood in Luangwa, but there are many challenges.

Our work in Livelihoods

Quality Education

Luangwa has poor school infrastructure and low access to qualified teachers and learning materials.

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Travel to the nearest health centre isn't easy.

Health centres in the region are far away, understaffed and don't have adequate medical supplies.

Our donors have constructed nearby clinics, provided trainings, distributed bed nets and more.  

Our work in Health