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Health and Nutrition

Preventing sickness and hunger

Malnutrition is a leading cause of health concerns for children, worldwide.

There are many reasons why children around the world do not consume enough nutritious meals each day. ChildFund works with local partners to improve access to nutritious food, and awareness on how to keep children healthy and strong. We also improve medical services for better treatments, when needed.

The impact of COVID-19

Children like Kailali don't have enough food to eat.

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"How do my donations improve health and nutrition?"

Providing food for school feeding programmes.

Children who are hungry don't learn as well as children who have full tummies. Your donations are helping ChildFund implement school feeding programmes, to ensure hungry children have enough food to eat when they're at school.

Training parents on how to cook nutritious meals.

When healthy ingredients are expensive or too hard to come by, it's hard to feed children nutritious meals. Your donations help us train families on ways to grow healthy veggies and cook meals that are nourishing for children.

Provide seeds and livestock for improved nutrition.

When families can grow their own food, things become much easier. Your donations are helping ChildFund to distribute vegetable seeds, dairy cows and goats, chickens and training so families can get the most from your gifts.

Improving access to, and quality of, health clinics.

In our dedicated communities, access to health centres isn't always affordable, or available. Your donations are helping ChildFund to build and renovate health clinics and supply them with qualified staff and adequate medicine.

Distributing anti-malaria bed nets to families.

In some areas where we work, malaria is a very serious threat, especially for vulnerable children and mothers. Your donations help us to distribute insecticide-treated bed nets to families, helping prevent malaria transmission.

Scheduling regular health check-ups for children.

Seeing a doctor on an annual basis is common for children in New Zealand, but not everywhere. Your donations help us ensure children can see a doctor or nurse on a regular basis, and get treatment when they're not feeling healthy.

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