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Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Helping in Batticaloa since 2011

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Since 2011, ChildFund has been helping children in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

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In eastern Sri Lanka, we are helping children and their families to thrive.

By 2026, children and families in Batticaloa will enjoy improved living conditions while actively engaging in decision-making processes from a position of strength, to create an environment where children live healthy lives and achieve their full potential in education and future careers. Until then, we need your help to implement our life-changing programmes and projects for children in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

A recovering community with many needs.

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Facts about Batticaloa, Sri Lanka:

There is limited access to safe, clean water.

In fact, only 25% of the 8,700 families in the area have access to adequate clean water.

Many children under age five are underweight.

More than one in four children under the age of five in Batticaloa are underweight.

There is a high rate of teenage pregnancy.

Batticaloa has the second highest rate of teen pregnancy in the country.

Sponsor a child

There are hundreds of children in Batticaloa who urgently need a sponsor.

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More ways you can help:

Sponsor Batticaloa and create sustainable change.

For just over $1/day, you can become a Community Sponsor, helping children and families to achieve their goal of self-reliance.

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Give a gift from our Gifts that Grow cataloue.

Give a meaningful gift, while helping children access education, clean drinking water and more through our Gifts that Grow catalogue. 

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Raise your voice as a ChildFund Champion.

Let others know you care by raising your voice for children and families in need. As a ChildFund Champion, we help you advocate for kids!

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Health and Nutrition

There is a high prevalence of child malnutrition in Batticaloa.

25% of children under five are underweight and malnutrition in is double the national average. 

Our donors are helping families give nutritious food to children.

Our work in Health and Nutrition

Water and Sanitation

Only 25% of the 8,700 families living in Batticaloa have access to clean water.

Our work in Water and Sanitation


Nearly 15% of students in Batticaloa lack basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Our work in Education


Batticaloa has an agriculture-based economy.

More than 80% of people in the area rely on crops, livestock and fishing to provide income. 

Our donors help by providing trainings and low-interest loans to families, and much more.

Our work in Livelihoods