ChildFund has partnered with KiLGA in Kiribati

We believe in partnerships

Helping children to thrive, together

We need great partners to help children to thrive.

We are all in this together, which is why ChildFund New Zealand partners with organisations around the world who are focused on creating sustainable, long-term change for children, youth and their communities. 

In New Zealand, we partner with individuals, companies, other organisations and the New Zealand Government to create meaningful, lasting change. 

Globally, we work with local, regional and international organisations and Governments to implement our Road Map activities and support our goal of helping children and youth to thrive through community self-reliance.

ChildFund works with 13,000 New Zealanders

New Zealand Public

Over 13,000 caring Kiwis support ChildFund's work

Thanks to the support of generous Kiwis, ChildFund New Zealand can continue to undertake life-changing iniatives which enable communities to move closer to their goal of self-reliance.

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New Zealand Government

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)

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In-country partners:

In most of the countries ChildFund New Zealand supports, we work directly with the country office, who in turn work with local partners. From head-office to grassroots, the ChildFund New Zealand team is in regular contact to ensure we understand the community needs and can channel your donations to where they're needed the most.

During our visits, we also ensure agreed-upon standards are being met and policies are being followed. We would like to acknowledge the following in-country partners with whom we work most closely, while also recognising the crucial importance of the local goverment bodies in our work.

ChildFund Kenya Partnerships


ChildFund Kenya
Emali Dedicated Children's Programme

Our work in Kenya
ChildFund Kiribati Partnerships


ChildFund Kiribati
Kiribati Institute of Technology
Kiribati Local Government Association

Our work in Kiribati
ChildFund PNG Partnerships

Papua New Guinea

ChildFund PNG
1-Tok Kaunselim Helpim Lain

Our work in PNG
ChildFund Solomon Islands Pacific Partnerships

Solomon Islands

Honiara City Council
Honiara Youth Council

Our work in Solomon Islands
ChildFund Sri Lanka Partnerships

Sri Lanka

ChildFund Sri Lanka
Action Lanka

Our work in Sri Lanka
ChildFund Timor-Leste Partnerships


ChildFund Timor-Leste
Balibo ba Oin
Ba Futuru

Our work in Timor-Leste
ChildFund Vietnam Partnerships


ChildFund Vietnam and
their office in Cao Bang

Our work in Vietnam
ChildFund Zambia Partnerships


ChildFund Zambia
Luangwa Child Development Agency

Our work in Zambia
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For many people in New Zealand, claiming their charity tax rebate is a hassle. Our partnership with Supergenerous makes it easier.

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