Partnering for Impact

Our work with MFAT
ChildFund and MFAT partnership

Our Partnership

Partnering with New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade means greater impact.

Together, ChildFund and MFAT share five distinct objectives:

Improved outcomes for children and youth

Objective 1: To improve objectives for vulnerable and marginalised children, youth and communities in the Pacific and South East Asia.

Increased public support, understanding and trust

Objective 2: To increase New Zealand public understanding, support and trust in the New Zealand Aid Programme, including through the use of data and better story-telling. 

Increased programme efficiency and effectiveness

Objective 3: To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our engagement - fewer transactional interactions, greater strategic engagement.

Strengthened development policy and practice

Objective 4: To strengthen development policy and practice, by leveraging our existing knowledge, experience and networks, sharing what we are learning, and adapting and innovating as appropriate.

ChildFund Vietnam Partnerships

Increased voice and self-reliance of local people

Objective 5: To increase the voice and self-reliance of local people.

Our shared values:

ChildFund New Zealand and MFAT have the following shared values: 

Aroha: We commit to being kind and present with one another as partners; to being fully-engaged and understanding each other’s perspective.

Manaakitanga: We recognise the value and importance of those we work with; respecting one another and behaving in ways that are mana-enhancing; respecting timelines and constraints.
We are committed to ‘no surprises’.

Whakamatemate: We are receptive to curiosity; are ready to ask and be asked questions without
judgement; to make space for reflection where all can contribute; and ready to adopt a learning attitude.

Rangatiratanga: We commit to listening to local voices including children and youth; to respecting each partner’s mandate; and respecting the rangatiratanga of each individual.

Māia: We will seek to be courageous; create a  safe space for the provision of frank and constructive feedback where individuals will be willing and able to speak their truth. We commit to doing the right thing.

Kaitiakitanga: We will take a long-term view of the interests of future generations. We commit to ensuring our actions do no harm and to sustainable development.

Whanaungatanga: We commit to achieving shared goals, leveraging each other’s diverse skills and resources and to a commitment to consultation and collaboration.

Rangapū: We commit to being honest and open; to ensure balance in the power dynamic; and commit to building trust.

Kawakawe: We aspire to have impact.

IMPACT Programme

A new $11.2m partnership will reach more than 100,000 children and youth to create meaningful, lasting change and help them thrive

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Our shared impact

ChildFund and MFAT have worked together on many projects and programmes.

Take a look at the impact we have made together by reading some of our project updates.

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