ChildFund committed to positive change

ChildFund committed to positive change

Monitoring impact

At ChildFund New Zealand, we are committed to measuring and reporting on all of the incredible ways your support is helping children and youth to thrive. This process starts well before a project begins.

From the beginning, we work closely with local community organisations to identify the short-term, medium-term and ultimate outcomes they have for the children, youth and families living there. Then, we set up a framework to ensure all of these outcomes are measurable and realistic. This helps our in-country team to prepare annual plans which outline the specific activities they will achieve each year.

Measuring outputs aren’t too difficult. For example, we know how many classrooms we repaired, and we know how many children received life-saving food each year. Where it becomes a bit more tough is when we begin analysing the medium-term and ultimate outcomes. Here, it’s important to really understand what it means to help children and youth, and their communities, to thrive.

The Community Results Pathway, below, helps define how each activity our in-country team implements will lead to the planned outcomes. Over time, through community-led evaluations and surveys, we begin to notice big changes—real sustainable impact—happening in the communities you support. Families become more independent, children are healthier, more educated and confident, and young people have purpose.

As a ChildFund supporter, you receive first-hand information from our dedicated programme areas. Letters from children tell sponsors about their day-to-day lives, and regular progress reports show the impact annually. Additionally, we share regular updates about the activities we are working on through our online blog and our email newsletter. Through this report, you’ll also learn about the completed activities your donations have helped support.

Thank you for your dedication to the long-term outcomes we are working towards. Helping children and youth to thrive can’t happen overnight, and we appreciate your commitment and support.

This article was written as part of our 2020 Annual ReportClick here to read the report today!