Three free ways you can help children and youth thrive today

Three free ways you can help children and youth thrive today

Helping children and young people to thrive through ChildFund doesn't just have to be just about making donations!

There are many free ways you can help children right now. Here are three of the top ideas.

1. Follow us and engage with us on social media

Join us on social media. We have a thriving community on Facebook. Follow us and take part in our conversations by liking, commenting and sharing on our posts. We are also on Instagram and Twitter.

2. Sign up to receive our newsletters and ask others to sign up to receive them too

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3. Become a ChildFund champion

Tell your friends and family that you care about issues impacting the lives of children around the world... Become a ChildFund Champion today! As a ChildFund Champion, we treat you like one of the ChildFund team. Our Champions take part in ChildFund campaigns and help to spread the word about issues affecting children and families, globally. If you're interested in taking part in this dynamic new way of helping children to thrive, contact us today!


More ways to help

Keep updated on what's happening by reading our weekly news and stories. Also, by reading up about the Sustainable Development Goals you are learning about The Global Goals of Sustainable Development, a commitment to achieve three extraordinary things by 2030: end extreme povertyfight inequality and injustice and fix climate change


ChildFund and You

Children are why we exist. Through the generosity of our supporters, we help children to access stronger, healthier futures and better outcomes through better access to the basics of: water and sanitation; health and nutrition; education; child protection and better livelihood opportunities for their families. 

We work in six dedicated communities in the Pacific, Asia and Africa. We work with the communities through local partners to our unique Road Map plan to community development. Our Road Maps are a plan of strategic goals that have been identified, selected, implemented and monitored with the community. Having established, strong, trusted local relationships with partners, with whom we have a proven track record with, enables us to do this work. Our aim is that these communities become self-sufficient in providing the basics to their children so we can move on to help another community. 

ChildFund New Zealand has been working to help children in need for over 30 years (we are part of an international ChildFund Alliance that has been helping children for over 80 years). 

If you would like to join us in reaching our goal with our communities and in doing your bit to help children in need, please become a monthly supporter through Child Sponsorship or Child Essentials today.

Thank you on behalf of the children you are helping.