Empowered parents in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, join forces to tidy up school

Empowered parents in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, join forces to tidy up school | ChildFund New Zealand

Parents in Batticaloa kicked into action to create a cleaner learning environment for their children after forming a group with help from ChildFund's local partner and made possible through your support.

A parents group for Karavetti South Primary School formed with help from ChildFund's local partner Action Unity Lanka after teachers at the school identified the need for extra support.

The school's water access and sanitation had recently been upgraded as part of a wider ChildFund project delivered with the help of Action Unity Lanka (formally VDO) and made possible with funds from ChildFund sponsors and monthly givers. 

Messy overgrowth and general untidiness surrounding the school was identified as a key concern and so the parents got to work cleaning it up.

Families in this area of Batticaloa mainly earn their income from field work, fishing and odd jobs. Long periods of civil war in recent times coupled with natural disasters like flooding has left the area  vulnerable. A lot of the families are women-led especially as many were widowed. Men who live there are often away from the home for long periods, working in the fields or fishing to earn income.  Most children travel to school on foot or on bikes, including many who have received gifted bikes from Kiwi supporters. 

Key areas ChildFund New Zealand works on alongside the community in Batticaloa are improving education, child protection and youth opportunities, along with better access  to water and sanitation.