Confident kids in Cao Bang, Vietnam, thanks to your support

Confident kids in Cao Bang, Vietnam, thanks to your support | ChildFund New Zealand

Over 1100 children in Cao Bang, Vietnam have a spring in their step after participating in course supported by your monthly donations and sponsorship.

Children who participated in the extra-curricular course say they feel more confident and also they feel more proud of where they live, their culture and their history. The theme of the programme is “Discovery Cao Bang” and includes students doing presentations about aspects of their surroundings and heritage, gaining public speaking skills and learning in the process.

The course is designed to build confidence in children and is run by ChildFund trained facilitators. It is aimed at primary school aged kids.

A group of 80 students and 32 teachers led the course at schools in Tra Linh and Quang Uyen, Cao Bang which included games, roleplays and drawing. Students also took turns presenting to each other on traditional clothing and different ethnic minority group, famous locations in Cao Bang and local folk songs. As students rarely have the opportunity to leave their villages, these presentations gave them access to information they didn’t otherwise have were very interesting and inspiring for them.

Thanks to the ChildFund training, facilitators were also able to modify games so that students with disabilities and younger children could all participate. The 32 teachers had all done a training course in facilitation and in ChildFund policy in youth and child participation.

ChildFund New Zealand has worked with local communes in the mountainous province of Cao Bang to address critical needs in their community for over ten years. The children and families who live in this province are among the most vulnerable and marginalised peoples in Vietnam.  All plans delivered by ChildFund are developed by the community, for the community.  Our goal is that by 2026, the community will be well on its way to solving problems independently. ChildFund will then ease up its support and move to other areas in which help is needed.