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There are millions of school-age children around the world missing out on learning each year.

Before COVID-19, the number of children who weren't in school exceeded 250 million. That number has skyrockeed in the last 18 months. Without adequate support, it will be a real challenge for many students to even make it back to class.

Why aren't children going to school?

It costs too much to send children to school.

Even in Aotearoa New Zealand, the costs associated with school can be crippling. Now, imagine you're living in rural Africa, where opportunities to earn an income are limited.

The closest schools are too far to walk to.

When you live in a rural community, schools can be several kilometers away. It's not uncommon for children to walk for hours each day to attend school.

There's not enough time for school every day.

If children need to help out with chores like collecting water, or working on the farm, there's not much time to spare. Sadly, going to school is often what gets cut.

The gift of education

With a ChildFund bike, children and youth have time to attend school!

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