Education for youth

Help young people find their purpose.

Sometimes life gets in the way of learning.

For Taianui, a young man in Kiribati, life hasn't been easy.

When Taianui was only young, his father passed away, leaving his mum alone to support the family. When she became too ill to work, Taianui dropped out of school to help his family. This meant he wasn’t able to develop foundational literacy and numeracy skills that could lead to securing a better job.

"Everyone thinks I'm useless because I don't have a job, I didn't go to school... it hurts because I know it's the truth."

Taianui isn't alone.

Many youth across the world have missed out on traditional schooling, and the life-changing opportunities education brings to children.

By supporting our work in education, you're giving young people like Taianui another chance to write and create a better future.

It's not too late...

You can help young people like Taianui find a new path.

Through ChildFund's Building Blocks programme, young people gain confidence as they learn foundational skills in reading, writing and maths— the tools
they need for a brighter future.

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Safe place to learn

First, we will provide safe, supportive learning environments where students feel they belong, where trained staff can help them understand and manage their emotions and where they can build their self-esteem.

Building blocks classes

Out-of-school and unemployed youth will be offered a place in our Building Blocks course, where they can learn the basics, like reading, writing and maths.

Vocational skills

When they are ready, they can enrol in vocational training, where they learn practical, technical and soft skills to give them the best possible chance of finding a pathway to employment.

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