2 million Kenyans are
on the brink of starvation...

Will you help them?

On the 8th of September, Kenya's President declared the drought a national disaster.

The National Drought Management Authority estimates 2.1 million Kenyans are on the brink of starvation due to the compounding impacts of extended drought, flooding, desert locust infestations and the economic impacts of COVID-19.

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The situation is worsening by the day...

Give urgent water

"I used to wake up, fetch water and then go to school. Not anymore. I'm sad I can't go to school."

"This is one of the worst droughts I have ever seen. Now, we cannot even afford one meal a day."

"The watering hole once had plenty of water. Now the water is dirty, but it's the only choice we have."

Acute malnutrition is on the rise...

It's estimated that 541,700 children under the age of 5 and 98,800 pregnant or nursing women are suffering from acute malnutrition and require immediate health interventions and emergency food to survive.

Urgent help is needed...

Your immediate response will help us to save lives!

We need your help to provide emergency food, distribute water and essentials, give nutritional supplements and help families plant drought-resistant crops.

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