Adaptive Programming

Reaching our shared goals

Even the best-laid plans need constant review.

ChildFund New Zealand supports a practice approach called Adaptive Programming. This approach relies on building strong partnerships with our overseas partners and communities. 

Adaptive programming recognises that even the best-laid plans need constant review, and that often new information and change (external and internal to the project) happens during implementation, which necessitates the project being tweaked. This isn't a random happening, but follows a process of regular and deliberate investigation, or 'feedback and course correction'. This, in turn, may affect activities, budgets and timelines.

Ultimately, the outcomes and our overarching goals remain constant, but how we get there may change. 

As we adapt, we consider a few important aspects

Measuring our impact

Our adaptive approach helps children to thrive.

By working closely with the partners in our dedicated communities, we are able to create long-term change for children and youth. 

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