Shweta Tomar, Head of Marketing

Shweta Tomar, Head of Marketing

Why do you want to help children?

Children are innocent and very much are the future of this planet. They are the seeds of all our future.

It is children who can teach us (the grownups) about real happiness. How we raise, treat and show up for them can have a lasting effect on their lives, and generations after. As a parent when I look at children, I see hope and joy. And while I believe most of us feel the same..I wish it was that simple. Having grown up in India, I have also seen up-close how lack of access to basic needs like clean water, education, medical needs rob many children of their potential...sometimes even life. Children whose potential remains to be trapped and unknown.

I absolutely believe that changing the world starts with nurturing its children. And 'It takes a village'- it's our collective responsibility as a society to do what it takes for all children, everywhere and raise them like our life depends on it - because it does. 

Tell us about what you bring to ChildFund and to the children we serve?

First and foremost, I bring love, passion and commitment to the cause. Throughout my career I have liked being part of a bigger picture than just my job. I started my career doing comms and advertising for a variety of organizations but the ones that stand out to me are the ones that solved a problem for the community and were based on a deep understanding of what motivates people to act. 

I thrive in teams that are values driven and have a clear purpose.

Beautiful things happen when human beings work together and through my experience in marketing and communication, I hope to share and celebrate the real reason we exist i.e. the children we help and the amazing people making it happen - including you. 

What does working at ChildFund bring to you?

We're a very special team of a diverse individuals all coming together for one thing - helping children Thrive! I love working alongside the team, and its partners who have one common goal.

Working at ChildFund brings me immense satisfaction. I'm not a doctor or a scientist, or a teacher or a fireman, I can't build a house or a invent a cure for life threatening diseases. But I can sleep at night knowing that I'm part of a team that cares about and is committed to doing our best and positively impacting the lives of children across the world. 

What are your hobbies?

I am a creative soul. When I'm not running around the kids in a playground, I enjoy writing and reading poetry. In the past I've performed on stage as a community theatre artist. I enjoy going to live shows and supporting the arts around the city. In general, I'm an optimist, I love being in nature, laughing my heart out with friends and enjoying a meal together.