Sherry Huang, finance officer

Sherry Huang, finance officer

Meet Sherry Huang, ChildFund's new finance officer. We ask Sherry about her experience and why working towards ChildFund's purpose of helping children and young people to thrive is important to her.

ChildFund (CF): Why do you want to help children and young people?

Sherry Huang (SH): Children and young people are our hope for the future and if we give them enough support and care then they can grow up with love and gratitude. In the future, they can lead our world in the right direction.

CF: Tell us about your skills and experience, what you are bringing to ChildFund and to the children we serve? 

SH: I have Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Auckland and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants qualification. With years of experience both in China and NZ, and in different sectors like R&D, manufacturing and food export industries. I would like to do my best to continuously optimize the workflow with our accounts team.

CF: What does work at ChildFund bring to you? 

SH: It’s the first time I have worked in a not for profit organisation and I find it’s different with my previous companies. I'm always hearing touching stories from our donors, good news from our campaigns and programmes, it makes feel good. This is not just a job with figures, it’s so meaningful.

CF: What are your hobbies? 

SH: In my spare time, I like doing exercise like pilates and walking. I like quiet time too, along with reading and going out eating with friends. New Zealand is such a beautiful country that I can get connected with nature so often.

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