Meet Lisa Yan, ChildFund's head of individual giving

Meet Lisa Yan, ChildFund's head of individual giving

Meet Lisa Yan, ChildFund's head of individual giving. We ask Lisa about her experience and why working towards ChildFund's purpose of helping children and young people to thrive is important to her.

ChildFund (CF): Lisa, why do you want to help children and young people?

Lisa Yan (LY): Supporting children and youth has always been a part of my personal life. Any opportunity to champion and support future leaders and changemakers feels like I'm investing in the future world that I want to see. Kids and young people have such a unique way of seeing the world and I love that in supporting children and youth, there's the opportunity to grow and challenge your own perspective.

CF: Briefly, tell us about your skills and experience, what you are bringing to ChildFund and to the children we serve?

LY: My background is in marketing, communications and fundraising. Here at ChildFund, I get to bring my skills of problem solving, building and running campaigns and storytelling together to connect generous donors with the impact they're helping to make.  

CF: What does work at ChildFund bring to you?

Not everyone gets to say they make a tangible difference in their jobs, so it's special knowing the work I do is making an impact everyday. I'm often blown away by the incredible generosity and compassion of Kiwis across the country and this is such an encouragement to keep up the mahi. 

LY: What are your hobbies?

Aside from connecting with friends, I love discovering new eateries and finding gems at a thrift shop. I do a bit of volunteering with Ronald McDonald House in my free time as well. 

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