Jay Stead, Board Member

Jay Stead, Board Member | ChildFund New Zealand

"From my earliest years, my family instilled in me the importance of giving back with my time, talent, and treasure. ChildFund is a wonderful opportunity to optimise impact in an broad area that is of key importance to me. The World’s future success is dependent on; health, wellbeing, and opportunities to thrive; for all children and young people. ChildFund is an organisation that is distinctively focused in this area of need."

ChildFund provides a unique opportunity to invest time in, not just give to, programmes that can make lasting and sustainable impact in and across communities for children today and in the future.

The focus on Impact Investing and Replicable Innovation as key elements of success provide exciting challenges. They can provide enormous and sustainable positive outcomes for children and young people around the world.

Collaborating with the effective and dynamic ChildFund team is an exciting opportunity to personally learn and develop a new understanding and solution set. His interests in health, education and innovation parallel with ChildFunds current and emerging focus.

Jay has a 20 year plus background in international leadership with a focus on strategy, leadership development, effective execution, and strong governance for technology and other. He has helped businesses to develop, grow, succeed, and importantly make real impact in their focus areas.

He enjoys spending time with family and friends and also keeping fit through going to the gym, walking, biking, and occasionally skiing. Hobbies include reading, watching sport, cooking, and working his way through Auckland’s varied culinary attractions.