Colleen Woodcock, finance director

Colleen Woodcock, finance director

Meet Colleen Woodcock, ChildFund's finance director and team morale extraordinaire! We ask Colleen why working towards ChildFund's purpose of helping children and young people to thrive is important to her.

ChildFund (CF): Colleen why do you want to help children and young people? 

Colleen Woodcock (CW): There are so many children around the world that are vulnerable and do not have a safe environment, I worry about these children and I know that what we do at ChildFund helps those children that I worry about.

CF: Tell us a bit about the skills and experience you bring to ChildFund and to the children we serve? 

CW: I have strong technical accounting skills that I have been able to further develop in my four years at ChildFund. I thrive best in a team environment and I like to help deliver the monthly financial information and see what ChildFund has helped children with each month.

CF: What does working at ChildFund bring to you? 

CW: A sense of belonging to something that is much bigger then the sum of all our staff.  I have huge pride in being part of the ChildFund team and what ChildFund achieves year after year.

CF: Lastly Colleen, what are your hobbies? 

CW: Away from ChildFund you will find me in the vegetable garden (I love Spring) or spending time with my family including my wonderful dog Tuffy. Tuffy comes to the office most days with me and has become part of the ChildFund whanau. 

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