2018 - 2019 Accountability Report for Accountable Now

2018 - 2019 Accountability Report for Accountable Now | ChildFund New Zealand

The words ‘consolidation’ and ‘preparation’ sum up our year. Not particularly exciting words, but absolutely essential as we look to our future: they are the runway from which we can take-off.

Our Finance and Donor Services Team have continued to master our new data management system – not always successfully, as some glitches in the build of it have led to instances of donor double-charging. When this happens, our supporters are unfairly impacted and ChildFund’s reputation suffers. Every occurrence helps us iron out the chinks, but we regret there are any incidents at all.

The good news is we are seeing returns as well from the new data management system. For instance, our Arrears team report that a job that took almost a month previously is now taking just a few hours to complete, due to automation. The hours won-back allow the team to focus on more positive supporter services. Our Programmes team has maneuvered their way through an intensive ten-month process with the New Zealand Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT).

As one of three pilot organisations applying for MFAT’s new funding mechanism, ChildFund had to pass through several intensive steps to demonstrate sound programming, alignment with MFAT, and commitment to shared partnership principles. Also included was a rigorous due-diligence process. The advantage of the new partnership is that MFAT and ChildFund will enter a five-year funding arrangement, so that rather than apply for contestable grants at six monthly intervals over this time, funds are secured for an agreed programme of work until 2025.

Our staff has reduced from 22 in the last report to 20 now, with some short-term contracts coming to an end. With a smaller staff, we have committed to an office move and are seeking a co-working space with diverse businesses which will help generate the dynamism for the high-performing and entrepreneurial culture we have been building within ChildFund.

The way we work has changed considerably in the past four years – the traditional phone-based sales and service function is significantly reduced, and we are experiencing (and encouraging) a more flexible work force. 

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