2017 - 2018 Accountability Report for Accountable Now

2017 - 2018 Accountability Report for Accountable Now | ChildFund New Zealand

Transparency and accountability are fundamentally integral to our work – and these elements are woven through all four of our organisational values; that is, in what we believe in and in the way we do things.

ChildFund New Zealand believes in partnerships, and these equitable, lasting relationships will only endure if there is open sharing of information and ownership of results. Further to this, we are high performing, requiring us to not only be passionate, but to also be accountable and committed to doing what we say we will do.

Our team also challenge our boundaries, supporting each other to grow and learn – which is contingent on clear, open and bold conversations. We also do the right thing which calls on us to have grit and integrity. While these values are underpinned by transparency and accountability, as outlined above, we also appreciate that we will only achieve our mission if our culture encourages us to continue to learn.

This is our first Accountability Report and we acknowledge that the preparation of this submission, and the ensuing response, will provide great learning for us.

Throughout the report we share how we are prioritizing aligning all of our work – from tasks, through to campaigns and projects, and then into programmes – with the ‘why we do what we do’ so that we can better understand and enable impact. 

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