World Children's Day, ChildFund, Unicef and you

World Children's Day, ChildFund, Unicef and you | ChildFund New Zealand

Children are why we exist! Children are why you are here too, helping our mission of giving children in need healthier futures through community development.

World Children's Day is on November 20th and we are encouraging young people to think big, dream big and draw the future they want to live in with Unicef's #voicesofyouth challenge.

Are you (or do you know a) a 13 to 24 year old who loves drawing? Do you want to change the world? Unicef is inviting you to reimagine and draw the world you want to live in after COVID-19. Pick a cause that matters to you, create an original illustration that shows the world you want to build... and post it on your own account! In the caption, explain what inspired you to create this drawing, why this issue matters to you or how you want to contribute to build a better world for children. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #voicesofyouth. Unicef will share a selection of the challenge submissions on @voicesofyouth and other UNICEF platforms.

Voices of Youth Reimagine Illustration challenge

Unicef is inviting young people (13 to 24) to draw their interpretation of the world they want to build after COVID19 and post it on their Instagram accounts with the hashtag #voicesofyouth. A selection of the illustrations will be shared on UNICEF channels throughout the month of November.

The challenge is on for young people to:

• Reimagine a greener and more sustainable world

• Reimagine the future of wellbeing and mental health

• Reimagine the future of education and work

• Reimagine a future without discrimination

• Other children’s rights or development issues that are important to them

Some will be more professional; others will look more amateur… and that’s ok!

This is a challenge about children’s rights and vision for the future, not about illustration skills or techniques.

How to submit illustrations?

Using the #VoicesOfYouth hashtag or tagging @voicesofyouth in their posts, in their own accounts. While the VoY team will only select and feature a selection of the illustrations, all of them will be available for others to see as long as their account is public.

Or, at the website

Read more here.


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