Why children in Kenya need your help during COVID-19

Why children in Kenya need your help during COVID-19 | ChildFund New Zealand

While no time is a good time for a pandemic to happen, ChildFund Kenya's Country Director Chege Ngugi says COVID-19 really "has hit the country at the wrong time".

Recent droughts, floods and locust infestations in Kenya, coupled with ongoing issues with the lack of access to safe water, sanitation, healthcare, education and child protection, will mean COVID-19 hits communities there even harder. 

In a video update from ChildFund Kenya's Country Director Chege Ngugi we hear about what's happening in Kenya during COVID-19. He places emphasis on four key projects areas in improving access for children to; better nutrition; safe water and sanitation; child protection; and health facilities.

Thanks to your monthly support and sponsorship, this project work continues in Kenya.

Kiwis support Kenya children more than any other country where ChildFund works. ChildFund is working with partners in Kenya to; raise awareness about the risks of COVID-19 and the importance of hygiene and social distancing; supply soap and fresh water to households and community centres; give cash assistance to some families; keep abuse reporting channels open to protect children and to provide helpful information to caregivers on parenting during COVID-19; develop an E-learning platform and ways for students to access it like the distribution of radios or smartphones; and also in supplying protective, hand sanitizers and thermometers.