Cao Bang, Vietnam Community Update

Cao Bang, Vietnam Community Update

Through your ongoing, generous support we know that creating an impact for children, youth, and families in Cao Bang, Vietnam means a lot to you. Here is the latest community update from Cao Bang.

  • 418 teachers and volunteers have been trained in education 
  • 196 primary school children have been supported to learn
  • 4,215 people were supported in improved water, sanitation and hygiene 
  • 1,756 people trained in child protection 
  • 3,478 people supported through child protection measures 
  • 7 child protection committees set up/meetings 
  • 362 people supported in livelihood opportunities 
  • 468 people trained on inclusion  
  • 367 people participated in disaster risk reduction training and awareness activities 

*The above results are for the six months to 31 December 2021.

Cao Bang highlights include:

Disaster Risk Reduction: The 13 village disaster disk reduction community member committees established by ChildFund met quarterly and developed local plans. Plans include measures to build resilience to natural hazards and climatic risks, including flood and landslide warning signs, bridge railings, covers on open drainage caves, anti-erosion embankments, and provision of safety supplies and equipment such as ladders, ropes and portable speakers for community members to respond to natural disasters. Including facilitating committees to conduct post-disaster inspections and report damage and related needs to district authorities. Natural disaster maps have been completed for four communes with identification of safe and disaster-prone places and areas in need of reinforcement, repair and installation of warning signs to mitigate risks. Seven disaster prevention plans were developed for schools and actions were conducted such as trimming trees, building school fences, and providing water containers for the dry season.

Livelihoods: More farmer field groups were developed so 168 households have now diversified incomes and built resilience to economic and natural shocks through canna cultivation and buffalo husbandry. Over 200 children from these households will benefit. Farmers have spent profits on school resources, extra food for children, toys and clothes, as well as reinvesting in their livelihoods. Social media groups are working effectively to share material and information relating to disasters, prevention of cattle diseases, and Covid-19. 

Inclusion: Disability inclusion has been strengthened for disability self-help groups in Vietnam. Staff worked with 20 group members to facilitate information exchange about disability programmes and policies, livelihood models, and child protection. An online training improved participants’ knowledge and skills in using computers and online software such as zoom and discussion tools. 

ChildFund and Cao Bang

ChildFund New Zealand works in two provinces of Cao Bang, Vietnam through our local partner there. With your support, we are helping communities in Cao Bang to reach the goal of self-sufficiency in providing the basics for children through better access to safe water, sanitation, educationhealthcare and child protection, along with more livelihood opportunities for their families.

Read more about our unique Road Map approach to change here.

Thank you on behalf of the children you are helping.