Video: What is it like to visit your sponsored child?

Video: What is it like to visit your sponsored child? | ChildFund New Zealand

Have you ever wanted to visit your sponsored child? 

That's exactly what our colleague, Marie Chan, experienced when she traveled to Africa last month as part of a monitoring trip to our dedicated programme area, Luangwa, Zambia. 

Not only did Marie meet her sponsored child, but she also had a chance to see some of the amazing achievements made, thanks to the support of New Zealand sponsors. In the following interview, Marie shares about some of her trip highlights: 

2:13 - Marie introduces herself and why she travelled to Zambia

5:30 - Marie shares about her visit to the Kavalamanja Maternity Clinic, constructed last year

9:55 - Marie talks about her experience meeting her sponsored child for the first time

12:44 - Marie shares about the incredible impact of Gifts that Grow items on families in Zambia

14:17 - Marie has some surprises as she visits a newly-constructed school block

22:09 - Marie discusses the impact of the ongoing drought in Zambia

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