Ukraine Emergency Appeal Update

Ukraine Emergency Appeal Update

Since the February 24 Russian invasion of Ukraine, over 4,380,000 million people have fled the country, including more than 1.8 million children. Over 80% of people fleeing are traveling with children and 39% are women travelling alone.

With thanks to New Zealand supporters and through the ChildFund Alliance and ChildFund's on-ground partners, over the past week the following has happened to help children and families in Ukraine:

  • The set up of two new humanitarian hubs (Ivano-Frankivsk and Khust)
  • 1856 children and accompanying adults living in building basements, temporary shelters and other accommodation in Lysychansk, Vorokhta, Chernivtsi, Kolky, Severodonetsk, Troitskoye and Vyshhorod have been given food supplies.
  • 49 children in four temporary accommodation centers in Chernivtsi have received counselling. 
  • 105 diabetic children in the city of Starobilsk (which is completely under control of Russian military) have been given appropriate food supplies. 
  • 78 children, including 37 orphans, have been evacuated from Severodonetsk and Lysychansk and have been given food and clothes.
  • 40 children and babies in the children's hospital of Lysychansk have been supplied food
  • 204 orphans who had been evacuated from various locations to Chernivtsi  and have been given toys, board games and craft materials.
  • The children´s hospital in Rivne was supplied with new bed linen for 150 children plus hygiene products. 

There are so many more children and families in Ukraine and surrounding countries that need help. Food continues to be a priority for the millions in temporary accommodation, hospitals and orphanages, along with bedding, hygiene products and psycho-social support like counselling.

Most people who have fled Ukraine have found refuge in temporary accommodation in Poland, Moldova and Romania. ChildFund, through our partners, will continue to to support children and families in the North, South and East of Ukraine and also those who have crossed over to Moldova.

ChildFund has been working in Ukraine since 2004 on child focused projects in all major regions of the country. ChildFund´s involvement there grew significantly after 2014, when Crimea was occupied by Russia and the south eastern region of Donbass has been affected by war since.

Read the ChildFund Alliance response plan.

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