"I just love to pass my ChildFund story along"

June Derecourt of Nelson has supported ChildFund's work for 32 years.

Not only does June support ChildFund's work through her monthly sponsorship but she is a keen ChildFund advocate encouraging others to sign up and donate too.

"I tell my friends about ChildFund and of the connection I have through my support, I just love to pass my ChildFund story along," June says.

June remembers exactly when she began supporting ChildFund and says her commitment hasn't faltered, nor has the communication she has with the ChildFund team.

"I saw a television advertisement about how you could change a child's life and I remember saying aloud 'yes I can do this' and I made the phone call straight away," June says. 

"I received information from ChildFund and a photo of this beautiful four and half year old girl, she became the child I sponsored and she is the mother of the child I sponsor now." 

June, who started a community newspaper in Nelson, cherishes the communications she has with Fernanda, the child she now sponsors through ChildFund.

"I regularly receive these letters full of love and gratitude and I just feel so special myself," June says. 

"Supporting ChildFund for me isn't about the dollars, the rewards are amazing." 

June often includes stickers with the letters she sends to Fernanda and enjoys reading the letters she receives back.

"Fernanda tells me about all of her festivals and cultural traditions, she includes drawings in her letters too," June says.

"I donate to ChildFund because I know where the money goes and you can see the progress of the children you support because ChildFund keeps me updated."

Thank you so much June and to all our monthly donors for your ongoing care, commitment and support for ChildFund's work.

Learn more about ChildFund's monthly giving here.