Which tree is known as miracle tree? The moringa tree: A Food Show Miracle!

Which tree is known as miracle tree? The moringa tree: A Food Show Miracle!

When you think about the Auckland Food Show, what do you picture? Likely it's tasty dishes of all kinds, new meal ideas, wines and cheeses from around Aotearoa New Zealand, and other unique foods that are sure to whet your appetite. But this year was a little bit different. While all of the same delicious smells and tastes filled up the Auckland Showgrounds, there was another - less common - superfood that people were talking about... 


Between  29 July to 1 August, the ChildFund team took turns volunteering at our stand, sharing all about the incredible, yet not well known, moringa tree. It was incredible to meet so many people who had never heard of this amazing miracle tree before. If you're a long-time supporter of ChildFund, you may be wondering...

Why did ChildFund go to the Auckland Food Show?

That's a great question! The Auckland Food Show hosts a variety of different vendors, companies and organisations who want to meet with foodies from all across the country. It might not seem like a natural fit for a child-focused organisation like ChildFund. Yet, we knew it was the right place for us to share about the amazing benefits of moringa. 

You see, more than 26,000 people came through the Auckland Showgrounds over the four-day event, including some ChildFund supporters (thank you for stopping by), and many who had never heard of our organisation. We had thousands of visitors stop by and chat with our team about the moringa, and roughly half of these people were learning about ChildFund for the first time. 

What was the highlight of the Food Show?

It was really great for the ChildFund team to step out of the office and work together to share the message about our work with a totally new audience. We were also able to collect donations... and we're excited to share that more than 100 moringa trees will be planted in a drought-prone community in Kenya, thanks to the donations we received at the show! Thank you to everyone who donated to plant a moringa tree! 

We also organised two moringa-themed giveaways, thanks to generous donations from Pure Fiji and Bunnings Warehouse. 

Auckland Food Show visitors were able to enter the contest to win one of two moringa baskets: 

  1. A beauty box with lotions, creams, oils and masks all made with moringa oil, courtesy of Pure Fiji.
  2. A moringa planting kit, including seeds, soil, fertilizer, watering can, a $50 gift card and a beautiful terra cotta planting pot, courtesy of Bunnings.

The draw happened on Tuesday, 3 August and winners were notified. Congratulations to the lucky winners! 

If you didn't get a chance to go to the Food Show, you might be wondering...

What's so super about the moringa tree? 

Which Tree Is Known As Miracle Tree? The moringa of course! At ChildFund, we know how incredible and life-saving the moringa tree really is. Learn more...

It's extremely nutritious

  • 7x more vitamin C than orange 
  • 4x more vitamin A than carrot
  • 4x more calcium than milk
  • 3x more iron than spinach

It purifies water

  • Seeds can be crushed and used in water to catch fine substances like bacteria, salt and other impurities!
  • Moringa can reduce waterborne disease!

Moringa grows in drought

  • Climate change is having a deadly impact on the world's poorest communities.
  • Moringa grows in drought, even when other crops can't!

It helps families earn an income

  • By growing and selling moringa products, parents can provide for their children: food, school fees and more! 
  • Moringa gives children a brighter future!

Drought is a real issue

  • In some communities where ChildFund works, drought is causing crops to die and children to go without food.
  • Moringa is SAVING THEIR LIVES!
So if you ever find yourself asking, which tree is known as the miracle tree? Now you know!