Supporting ChildFund is much more than just a donation for Karen

Supporting ChildFund is much more than just a donation for Karen

For 16 years and counting Karen St Claire has supported ChildFund and she says it's so much more than just making a donation.

Even talking about her sponsorship and ChildFund brings heartfelt tears to her eyes.

"It's just so special," Karen says.

Karen has sponsored Muuo, a boy from Kenya, through ChildFund since he was five and recently Muuo graduated from the sponsorship programme. Karen has loved watching him grow, learn and thrive through their regular letters.

"Muuo went through school, he was always passing and now he is going to do engineering."

Through her support Karen has also learnt about Kenya and has appreciated accessing a global sense of awareness through ChildFund. She has enjoyed hearing about positive changes in the community of Emali where Muuo lives.

Going forward Karen looks forward to supporting ChildFund through appeals. 

"When something happens in Kenya I want to be able to help," Karen says.

With ChildFund I know the money goes where it's supposed to go.

Thank you so much Karen and to all our monthly donors for your ongoing care, commitment and support for ChildFund's work.

Learn more about ChildFund's monthly giving here.