VIDEO on 10 Years of War in Syria: "Will I be able to give my baby a decent life?"

VIDEO on 10 Years of War in Syria:

March 15 marked 10 years since the start of the Syria conflict. Abir is an 18-year-old Syrian refugee living in Lebanon and she shares her story.

Syria 10 years on

The decade-long conflict has had a devastating effect on Syria, it has destroyed businesses, hospitals and schools, leaving hundreds of thousands dead, injured or missing and it has triggered the largest refugee and displacement crisis of our time. ChildFund Alliance member WeWorld's Stuck in Time content series looks at the conflict with a focus on the challenges of women and girls in Syria and Lebanon.

WeWorld is working with communities in Syria on projects targeting child protection, water, sanitation, shelter, education and livelihood needs. Their actions have ensured access to school in Syria to almost 7,000 children and trained more than 1,000 teachers.

They’ve also ensured educational spaces are free from mines and unexploded devices and have trained more than 24,000 children on the risks posed by mines and unexploded ordnance. In Lebanon, WeWorld has reached more than 81,000 people across Lebanese and Syrian communities with water management and education-related activities and awareness campaigns. 

Check out We World's Stuck in Time content series here.