Sponsorship update from Emali, Kenya

Sponsorship update from Emali, Kenya | ChildFund New Zealand

With thanks to generous Emali child sponsors and monthly givers, a lot is happening there to help children thrive despite the ongoing disruptions from COVID-19.

Preventing COVID-19 has been a key focus for the ChildFund team in Emali, but there is still plenty happening to help children thrive.

  • 347 children and 117 caregivers across 70 vulnerable households in Emali, Kenya have been supported with food to help out during COVID-19, including maize, beans, cooking oil, salt and flour. Soap was also given to the households.
  • 1840 children have received face-masks to help prevent COVID-19 in Emali. 
  • 10 hand-washing stations, each with a 1000 litres water tank and soap, have been set up around the community to prevent COVID-19.
  • 160 children in Emali participated virtually in the Day of the African Child activities. Their views on some of the issues important to them, including COVID-19, child abuse cases and teenage pregnancy, were gathered and presented by two child representatives to a panel including the Makueni County child protection officer
  • 42 vulnerable children and their caregivers across 12 households will benefit from a Universal Health Care card they were given to quality them for free health care at hospitals for a year. 
  • 96 children will benefit from new toilets (pit latrines) constructed at Kiuani, Nompeuti and Oldonyo Lenkai Primary schools.
  • A further 96 ECD children will benefit from learning in a renovated classroom at Nairataat Primary School, creating a safer and nicer learning environment for the children
  • One young person who had previously participated in youth training was supported with a micro loan to purchase equipment to set up a new business, a hot chip café.
  • 20 laptops, 12 tablets and 20 chairs provided to the youth resource centre
  • 15 youths have started using the Emali youth resource centre (5 virtually) to access online resources and learning platforms
  • 34 children aged 6 to 24 years old (plus caregivers of under 5s) took part in focus group discussions around child protection issues in Tutini. Abuse, mistreatment, violence against children and drugs were included in issues discussed. Village leaders and a teacher took part in the activity which aims to address key concerns for children around their safety (this discussion was help prior to COVID-19 restrictions).

ChildFund New Zealand works in Emali through ChildFund Kenya and our local partner the Emali Dedicated Children's Agency (EDCA). With your support, we can help Emali reach its goal by 2026 of self-sufficiency in providing the basics to its children through improved access to water, sanitation, education, health, safety and livelihood opportunities for their families, so they can have better futures.