Kick-start in business for ChildFund sponsored child

Kick-start in business for ChildFund sponsored child | ChildFund New Zealand

Through the sponsorship and the help I get from ChildFund, I am constantly able to find ways to grow myself. One good thing has led to another and yet another and I am grateful for that. I say a big thank you to my sponsor for the generous support.”  Kimani, Emali (ChildFund New Zealand's dedicated community in Kenya).

Emali teenager Kimani* is now making not just his own way in the world, but is paving a future for his brothers and sisters

With support through ChildFund, Kimani was able to up-skill, get a job and put  his earnings towards the purchase a motorcycle, which he has used to create his small venture. He taxis people between the Emali town and his village for a fee. Providing a useful service, while making money to pay for three of his eight siblings to go to school. He is also able to help his family out with day-to-day costs like food.  

Kimani completed a mechanics course at Mumbuni Technical Training College with support through ChildFund's sponsorship programme and this led to him finding work a job as a crane operator in Emali. His goal is to save more money and further his own education. Go for it Kimani!

ChildFund New Zealand's work in Emali

ChildFund Road Maps are planned, implemented and managed with the community. With your support through monthly giving, we can help Emali reach its goal by 2026 of self-sufficiency in providing the basics to its children through improved access to water, sanitation, education, health, safety and livelihood opportunities for their families, so they can have better futures.  

If you would like to help children, join us in reaching this goal with Emali. Become a child sponsor or a monthly Child Essentials giver. Thank you so much for working with ChildFund New Zealand, one of the best charities in New Zealand helping children.

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*For child protection, Kimani's name has been changed.