Meet Zeb, ChildFund's new fundraising and marketing director

Meet Zeb, ChildFund's new fundraising and marketing director

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our new fundraising and marketing director Zebedee Stone, otherwise known as Zeb. 

Zeb joins the team with a huge array of experience and a deep passion for fundraising for for-purpose organisations. We asked Zeb why he choose ChildFund and what he is most excited about in his new role.

ChildFund (CF): Why do you want to help children? 

Zeb Stone (ZS): A favourite whakatauki (Māori saying) that speaks to my heart is: He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata. What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people.

For me, that is all people – regardless of their race, age, location, or views. This fundamental belief in human rights and my social justice values are grounded in my upbringing. I was born in South Africa during the apartheid era and my parents came to New Zealand in the ultimate form of protest when I was just nine months old. I have been incredibly fortunate to call Aotearoa home since then and I am committed to doing what I can that has a positive impact for people.

My experiences growing up here reinforced my belief that collectively caring for the most vulnerable people is vital for everyone to thrive. Children are especially vulnerable and what happens to them now can have impact for years to come – both for them personally and for society. By helping children, we can support them to realise their potential and create a better world for everyone.

CF: Tell us about what you bring to ChildFund and to the children we serve?

ZS: My career in the for-purpose sector has centred around fundraising for organisations, like ChildFund, and bringing generous, caring people together to help achieve the mission.

I love engaging with compassionate people who care about making a difference to help create real and lasting change for people in need. Through this I’ve learned a lot about wide range of ways people can (and do) help.

I hope I can bring my learnings to ChildFund to help grow the positive impact we have for children. I also bring focus, energy, and commitment to our cause – you’ll likely see me there beside  you at ChildFund fundraisers and events!

CF: What does working at ChildFund bring to you?

ZS: It is a privilege to work for ChildFund and it brings me inspiration and joy to be here. It is inspiring to hear from and support our incredible supporters who are so passionate about making a difference for children. From their giving to urgent appeals, to making meaningful gifts, to regularly giving support to help lift communities in the long term, and to leaving lasting legacies for children when they are no longer here.

It is inspiring to work alongside our expert programmes team who work so seamlessly alongside local partners to deliver lasting change for children. Every time I hear an update of from the field, I am moved by the incredible difference our donors are making through our programmes. Ultimately, it is a great joy to help children grow and thrive.

CF: What are your hobbies? 

ZS: I’m a very keen runner so you may see me out and about running around Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland often! I’m usually running and training towards a big event (marathons or the odd ultra marathon) but also love just being outside for the fun of it. My other hobbies are also pretty active – cycling, tennis, skiing and windsurfing. When I’m not doing too much exercise, I enjoy walking the dog, cooking, and learning new things like teaching myself Japanese and Te Reo. So… hajimemashite (nice to meet you) and mā te wā (see you).

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