Keeping accountable

Keeping accountable

You can rest assured: Your donations are being used to achieve great things for children in the communities where ChildFund New Zealand is working.

Accountability for results is a key driver for the leaders at ChildFund New Zealand. The days of traditional charity handouts are over and it is now time to diligently measure our results and take responsibility for the work that is being done in communities around the world.

One important way this is being done is through the creation of Road Maps. This exercise has brought our community development plans to the next level, and has really challenged the local organisations we partner with to think critically about the work that’s being done to help children and youth thrive.

As a Board of Directors, the measurement of results are essential. It is critical to remain focused on our targets and to implement activities that lead towards achieving the biggest, and most needed, impact for children.

To be effective with your donations, we constantly ask diffi cult questions and propose alternative solutions to organisational challenges. I am proud of the incredible, life-changing work that is being done in the communities where ChildFund New Zealand works, and I hope, through reading the 2018 annual report, you will be just as proud of this fact: your support has enabled ChildFund New Zealand to help thousands of children thrive.