"I know where my money is going with ChildFund"

Longtime ChildFund supporter Kevin Jeffares says organisational transparency is key when making decisions about to who to donate money to and that's why ChildFund resonates so well for him.

Having visited communities where ChildFund works, Kevin has seen first-hand the difference support like his makes.

"You can see what's happening with your money," Kevin says.

Kevin has enjoyed corresponding with the many children he has sponsored over the years and hearing about their education, jobs, careers and families. 

"They want to become nurses, teachers, journalists and with ChildFund they are getting opportunities to learn."

Alongside his monthly giving, Kevin has contributed to community projects, such as wells, through ChildFund.

Thank you so much Kevin and to all our monthly donors for your ongoing care, commitment and support for ChildFund's work.

Learn more about ChildFund's monthly giving here.