With ChildFund I know I am helping the whole community says long-time supporter

With ChildFund I know I am helping the whole community says long-time supporter

Like many long-time ChildFund supporters Julzz Watson’s experience with ChildFund began after seeing a television advertisement.

That was over 17 years ago now for mother-of-four Julzz and she is delighted she has been able to keep her commitment to ChildFund over the years.

"I always knew with ChildFund that the whole community benefited, it is just how ChildFund works,” Julzz says.

She recently contacted ChildFund to ask after Tumpes, a boy from Kenya who she previously sponsored through ChildFund, and Julzz was excited to find out that he is now a qualified lawyer in Kenya.

“It is mind blowing that Tumpes, following his years of sponsorship with ChildFund, has graduated from law school and is now a qualified lawyer in Kenya. Tumpes stayed at school and even repeated years to achieve better marks, he stuck to it, and I am so glad I stuck to my sponsorship," Julzz says.

"He even encouraged my sons and they are very proud of him too."

Even Julzz' mum has been involved, stepping in to help with the monthly donation when financial circumstances have changed, and she also is proud of Tumpes' achievements.

Julzz has enjoyed hearing about developments in Tumpes' community too over the years including school upgrades, water infrastructure and farming initiatives. 

"ChildFund has let me be part of the process, Tumpes did all the hard work but I like knowing that I was a small part of it all."

 Julzz now sponsors another child with ChildFund and enjoys knowing her donation goes towards helping a whole community.

Thank you so much Julzz and to all our monthly donors for your ongoing care, commitment and support for ChildFund's work.
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