"I am what I am because of ChildFund!"

Sponsorship changes the life of a child, their family and their entire community.

By sponsoring a child, you not only provide a community in need with generous support, but you're also able to see your donations make a difference by watching as the child you sponsor grows up educated, healthy and happy.

We love hearing stories about children who have completed the sponsorship programme and have moved onto bigger and better things. Like Phanuel Mwami, who is now 46 years old. He is a former sponsored child who lived in a ChildFund-supported community in East Africa. 

Through a monthly commitment, Phanuel's sponsor donated to his community, allowing him the chance to go to school, see a doctor when he was sick and have nutritious food, when others in his community may not have been so lucky. 

Just like they do for their own children, child sponsors dream of seeing their sponsored children grow up to be successful, happy and healthy. 

Now, Phanuel is a community development worker in the local community organisation that he helped to found many years ago. In this role, he gives back to his community by meeting the needs of poor and vulnerable children, youth and family members in the village he grew up in. 

The primary school he attended was built and supported by ChildFund. 

"I am what I am because of ChildFund. By building that school, they supported almost the whole community," shared Phanuel last February during a ChildFund community visit. 

East Africa often experiences droughts, which can severely impact crop production and affect the community's ability to access safe water and food. During these times of drought, ChildFund also provided food and water for the people in his village.

ChildFund even constructed a better house for his family. In his old house, “when it would rain, one of our older sisters would tell us to hold the walls of the house so they would not fall on us.” As for the new house constructed by ChildFund, “It was not permanent, but it was reasonable and big enough. We were happy.”

You can help a child to thrive by becoming a child sponsor today. 

For less than $2/day, you'll ensure a child in need will access safe, clean drinking water, a quality education, healthcare when they're sick and nutritious food when they're hungry. 

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