Luangwa, Zambia Community update

Luangwa, Zambia Community update

Through your ongoing, generous support we know that creating an impact for children, youth, and families in Luangwa, Zambia means a lot to you. Here is the latest ChildFund sponsorship update from Luangwa.

  • 6,706 children benefited from health projects 
  • 160 people supported with nutrition and home skills 
  • 50 teachers and volunteers trained in education 
  • 2,234 preschool children supported in education 
  • 180 primary school children supported in education 
  • 26 youth supported in skills and employment 
  • 27,222 people supported through COVID awareness raising 
  • 130 people trained in child protection 

*The above results are for the six months to 31 December 2021.

ChildFund's work in Luangwa, Zambia

In Luangwa, ChildFund delivers impact through our local partner LCDA. The rural location in Zambia, near the confluence of the mighty Zambezi and Luangwa rivers means that wild animals roam free in these communities. Animal-human conflict is a regular occurrence resulting in damaged crops and sometimes loss of human life. Water access is limited, the risk of malaria transmission is high and school drop-out rates are also high.

By 2026,our partners and families in Luangwa envisage communities in which children and youth have their basic needs met, and are protected from all forms of harm and abuse. We are working with the community to a plan of strategic goals, which we call a Road Map, to achieve this. Until then, we need your help to implement our life-changing programmes and projects for children in Luangwa, Zambia. Read more about our work in Luangwa, Zambia here.

Thank you so very much to ChildFund supporters and partners that made this school a reality for children in Zambia, giving them better access to a brighter future.

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