How COVID-19 is changing the way ChildFund works

How COVID-19 is changing the way ChildFund works | ChildFund New Zealand

Dear supporter,

I have no doubt that you have been following the recent updates surrounding COVID-19. I want to reassure you of the importance that ChildFund places on the health and safety of our donors, our staff and the children and families who are impacted by your support.

While there may be only a handful of cases in New Zealand, we are taking the situation seriously and are prepared to change the way we work to maintain the important activities planned over the coming weeks and months. Specifically, our Auckland-based team is prepared to work remotely should the Ministry of Health make this recommendation. Our international child and community sponsorship activities will continue, however we anticipate there will be delays in the correspondence you may be expecting. We appreciate your patience at this time.

We have also taken precautions to reduce the risks associated with international travel. All upcoming visits to our ChildFund-supported communities by our staff and supporters that is considered non-essential has been postponed until further notice.

As more information about COVID-19 becomes available, we will keep you informed of the ways it may impact you and the children and families who live in the communities where we work.

Thank you for all you to do help children and youth to thrive.


Paul Brown 

Chief Executive Officer,
ChildFund New Zealand

PS - Should you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 and how it affects the most vulnerable, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly donor care team on 0800 808 822 or email

Frequently asked questions RE: COVID-19

How is ChildFund responding to COVID-19 in the communities we support? 

  • Health, sanitation and hygiene education is already a central piece of what our local partner organizations offer for children in their communities every day, reinforcing preventive practices like hand washing. We are building COVID-19-specific information into the messaging they already use.

Have you changed the way you work as a result of COVID-19? 

  • We have suspended all non-essential travel, including sponsor visits to the field, until further notice. (We’re disappointed too!)
  • We are placing a hold on letter delivery to sponsored children because social distancing -- simply keeping away -- is the very best way to protect them. The letters are hand delivered, which risks introducing COVID-19 into the vulnerable communities where we work.
  • Many of our own staff are also shifting to working virtually to prevent the spread of the disease.
  • Our number one priority is protecting the health and safety of the myriad people we connect around the world – kids, families, supporters, staff, volunteers and everyone who joins hands with us to create better opportunities for children. We appreciate your patience as we adapt to protect staff and children. 

Can I get information about how COVID-19 is affecting my sponsored child?

  • At this time, we are unable to answer questions about specific children, for two reasons: To preserve families’ privacy, we cannot share personal medical information; and in-country ChildFund staff members are not readily available to track down those answers during this challenging time.
  • Please bear with us through any slowdowns in customer service, and know that we are keeping a close eye on the situation and will provide updates as we receive them.
  • In the meantime, we hope that you will keep safe and well. Take care of those around you, and please hold us and the children we serve close to your heart. Thank you so much for what you make possible for them every day!