Help children in Afghanistan now with ChildFund

Help children in Afghanistan now with ChildFund

As you will be seeing and hearing on the news, right now in Afghanistan there is a massive crisis happening and children and families need our urgent help.

More than 40 years of protracted crisis and war has impacted Afghan women and children. ChildFund is responding to meet the needs of widows and children in Herat Province.

In August the Taliban took political control in Kabul, displacing people, livelihoods and civil systems all over Afghanistan. Millions of people are in need of help.

Women who have been widowed have been left behind. In the current situation in Afghanistan and with the change in government there, widow-headed households are simply forgotten. 

We are providing cash assistance for widows so they can buy food to feed their hungry families. 

Through our ChildFund Alliance partner We World we are assisting the most vulnerable children, women and families in Afghanistan right now.

We need you help to help children and families living in crisis in Afghanistan now. Help children in Afghanistan now.

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