Having some sense of normality is critical for frightened children in Ukraine

Having some sense of normality is critical for frightened children in Ukraine

With thanks to New Zealand supporters, ChildFund is providing food, medicine, nappies, drinks, blankets, clothing and other essentials to families throughout Ukraine and Moldova, and at the borders of Ukraine right now.  

“Through our ChildFund Alliance partners and a network of trusted NGOs, we are providing money to families to get the basic essentials they need right now, and supporting those who have fled as refugees,” says ChildFund New Zealand’s Programme Director Sally Angelson.  

Children are terrified. Many schools are closed and those who have not fled, are at home with their families and living constantly under the shadow of fear and uncertainty. 

In the southwest of Ukraine, ChildFund is also providing support to children to help take their minds off the horrors around them. Through the delivery of an online programme and in person in some places.

Art therapy lessons are being held and safe play spaces set up.

“Having some sense of normality is absolutely crucial for these children right now. We’re all seeing the images of the invasion of Ukraine and so you can only imagine the impact it’s having on families, and for the children waking up to this everyday,” Angelson says. 

“Children in Ukraine are scared and don’t know what tomorrow will bring.” 

Millions of people have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion in February. Thousands have died in the fighting so far, including children, with thousands more people missing and injured. 

ChildFund has been working in Ukraine since 2004 on child focused projects in all major regions of the country. Since 2014 when Crimea was occupied by Russia, the southeastern region of Donbass has been affected by war and ChildFund´s involvement has grown significantly. 

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You can help children and families in Ukraine now.