Giving precious time back to mums and children

Giving precious time back to mums and children | ChildFund New Zealand

For some mums, it’s a daily struggle just trying to provide the basics for their children like water and food. That's why ChildFund, with your support is working with mums like Suseena in Batticaloa.

Suseena is a mother of four children in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. She lives in a half-built house in a remote village. Her children have no father since he left them to marry another woman five years ago. The weather here is dry and hot – and water is scarce.

Suseena’s days are long. She rises early in the morning, while it is still dark, and hurries to fetch water from the well.  Walking alone in the dark is dangerous, but she dare not wait until it’s light. You see, being first to arrive at the well is important. As around 30 families collect water from this well. The first ones get the good water but…as more and more people draw from the well, the water level recedes, leaving latecomers with murky water.  Suseena fills her metal water pot and balances it on her hip. She carries another bucket full of water in her hand as she makes the long, arduous journey home. She can’t afford to waste a drop. For several months during the dry season, the well runs dry. The next closest well with clean water is over four kilometers away. 

The situation is especially serious for the children in Batticaloa. When safe drinking water is scarce, children are at high risk of contracting water borne diseases, like diarrhea. 

Building a water supply is important so that mums like Suseena can protect their children. With thanks to New Zealand supporters, ChildFund is  working in Suseena’s community to provide her and other mums access to clean and safe water.