Giving a goat this Christmas season will change a child's life

Giving a goat this Christmas season will change a child's life | ChildFund New Zealand

Every year, our Christmas gift catalogue helps tens of thousands of children by providing gifts that nourish their bodies, grow their minds and expand possibilities that help them to thrive. One of the most popular ways people to help children is by giving a goat. 

Each goat produces 1,200 litres of milk for growing children.

This Christmas you can help children in need through Gifts that Grow.

In the communities where ChildFund works, access to nutritious food isn't always easy. But without adequate nutrition, children can grow up malnourished, stunted or hungry and unable to concentrate in school. That's why our supporters love giving goats to children and families in need. For just $69, a child and their family will have a sustainable source of nutritious milk all year round. 

Last year, Kiwi donors provided 278 goats through our Gifts that Grow catalogue, which means more than 300,000 litres of milk for growing children in ChildFund-supported communities every single year! 

You can help children like Preclaria

For seven-year-old Preclaria, pictured, life has significantly changed, thanks to the support of a ChildFund donor who generously gave a goat through our Gifts that Grow catalogue. Preclaria lives in a ChildFund-supported community in Zambia, where our sustainable-development programmes help thousands of children and their families every year. But there are hundreds more children and families who could benefit from the gift of a goat this year. What better way to spend $69 than to provide a family with 1,200 litres of fresh, nutritious, sustainable milk?