Give the children in your life a chance to feel the true spirit of Christmas this year

Give the children in your life a chance to feel the true spirit of Christmas this year

Do too many toys and too much waste sound familiar to you on Christmas Day?  

Last year over 70 generous ChildFund supporters chose to give ChildFund Gifts that Grow gift cards raising over $4,500 to help children.

By giving a ChildFund Gifts that Grow Gift Card to the children in your life, you not only are giving them the opportunity to learn about others who are less fortunate around the world and the choice of how to help, but also the chance to feel joy through giving.

ChildFund New Zealand Programmes Director Quenelda Clegg opted for ChildFund Gifts that Grow gift cards for her nieces and nephews last year and says they were were a huge hit. She is giving them all the cards again this year.

“Previously I’d give my nieces and nephews toys, and I’d see that the toys would just be added into a big basket or into a pile of stuff and they already had heaps of it,” Quenelda says. 

“My sister was just so happy with the gift cards, she said it’s a much better gift than toys and she loved sitting down with her 7 year-old daughter to explain the gift cards and go through the choices of gifts and talk about how they were going to help other children." 

Her niece loved the process too, especially being able to choose the Gifts that Grow gifts online, and even sent a thank you video to her aunt.

"It was a great way to encourage them to think of others and by them actively choosing the gift, it led to meaningful family conversations about how others live and the challenges people face."

Aside from ChildFund’s Gifts that Grow Gift Cards being an opportunity for children to learn, and to reduce wasteful gift buying, there is also less stress as you have less Christmas shopping to do.

“It was funny because my niece last year wanted to buy more to help children, she wanted to buy a goat and so this year I’m increasing the amount of the gift card for all my nieces and nephews.” 

Check out what other ChildFund supporters and staff have to say.

"Why get a present that I don't really need? I like the idea as it helps somebody much less fortunate than ourselves instead of thinking of myself."

"You do a great job. You should now see a purchase of two chickens and 2 emergency food parcels."

"One of my family members used to sponsor a child and loved the impact ChildFund creates and your ability to keep both the sponsor and the child connected. Especially now with COVID in-play, this definitely poses a challenge but you guys are doing an awesome job keeping this relationship. So please, keep up this hardwork and I hope that my contribution makes a difference."

"I just took a call from a lovely lady who currently sponsors four children. She told me that she has just posted back a GTG order, but called in to arrange starting up a monthly $100 donation to GTG where needed most."

"A sponsor who looked at a list of charities and he liked ours so he got his girlfriend a gift card."

"I just had a call from a supporter who said that he would like to start up annual donations of $60 - so I have welcomed him back on board."

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Top three reasons to give ChildFund Gifts that Grow gift  cards to the children you love

When children are given the opportunity to choose donations and to choose how they want to help others, three amazing things happen:


1. To encourage children to think of others

2. To open up meaningful, family conversations about how others live and the challenges people face

3. To give the whole family joyful feelings by helping others