From factory floor to farming buffalo, ChildFund's project in Vietnam is creating opportunities

From factory floor to farming buffalo, ChildFund's project in Vietnam is creating opportunities

Working in remote communities in Vietnam is hard at the best of times for ChildFund, let alone when faced with extra challenges from COVID-19. Following much hard work and commitment by the ChildFund team in Vietnam, we are delighted to share this inspiring update on the Vietnam IMPACT (Inspiring and Motivating Pacific and Asian Communities for Tomorrow) Programme.

Watch a short video here and meet Trieu Van Hoan, from Quang Vinh, Trung Khanh who now, following support and training from ChildFund, has a small business farming buffalo. He previously worked in a factory but now feels much more positive about his future.

Already his quality of life has improved, through farming his health is better through less stress and there is more available time for other activities. He has also encouraged other young locals to participate in the ChildFund programme and take up farming.

Trieu Van Hoan participated in the Vietnam IMPACT Programme, which is funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and other supporters. The project is supporting farmers to develop diverse livelihoods to strengthen their resilience to natural hazards, such as frost and flooding, which is becoming more frequent and intense because of climate change. 

Alongside training on stock and crop farming techniques such as buffalo fattening, rearing cows and growing galangal (a type of ginger), the project is helping community members to develop disaster risk reduction plans, including with input from children, youth, women’s groups, and people with disabilities.

Watch a short video here.

ChildFund's work in Vietnam

Since 1995 ChildFund has worked in Vietnam helping children and youth. Along with our partner, ChildFund Vietnam, we have developed an action plan to bring Cao Bang to a state of self-reliance. We call this our Road Map. Read more stories about ChildFund's work in Vietnam here.


ChildFund's focus on livelihoods

In many of the communities where ChildFund works, agriculture is the main source of income for families. However, it's getting more difficult to be a farmer these days.
ChildFund is helping families by offering training in new farming techniques, distribution of alternate seeds and livestock, as well as business skills and new markets opportunities. Read more stories about ChildFund's work on livelihoods here.