Emali, Kenya Community update

Emali, Kenya Community update

Through your ongoing, generous support we know that creating an impact for children, youth, and families in Emali, Kenya means a lot to you. Here is the latest ChildFund sponsorship update from Emali.

  • 35 children benefited from health projects 
  • 116 primary school children supported in education 
  • 28 youth supported in skills and employment 
  • 377 people supported in COVID resilience building including livelihoods 
  • 27,222 people supported COVID awareness raising 
  • 2 building projects supported in construction or materials
  • 130 people trained in child protection 
  • 2,065 people supported in water, sanitation and hygiene 
  • 2 people trained in child protection 
  • 286 people supported in livelihood opportunities 

 *The above results are for the six months to 31 December 2021.

ChildFund's work in Emali, Kenya

ChildFund is working with mothers, families and communities in Emali to take children out of poverty in Kenya. Education, health/nutrition, water/sanitation, family livelihoods and child protection are our key focus areas. The aim is that the community becomes self-sufficient in providing the basics children need to thrive, and so we (with your support) can move on to help another community. 

ChildFund New Zealand works in Emali through local partner Emali Dedicated Children's Agency to a community devised set of strategic goals (we call it a Road Map). With you, we can help Emali reach its goal of self-sufficiency in providing the basics to its children through better access to safe water, sanitation, education, healthcare and child protection, along with more livelihood opportunities for their families.

To help us today help the community of Emali reach its goals of self-sufficiency become a monthly supporter through Community Sponsorship today. You can select Kenya on the community dropdown menu.

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