ChildFund's CEO on creating social innovation when already flat out

ChildFund's CEO on creating social innovation when already flat out | ChildFund New Zealand

ChildFund New Zealand's CEO Paul Brown sat down with Business Lab's Paul McGregor to talk about why it's important to not shy away from challenging the status quo.

Paul's parents passed on values of kindness and compassion to him.

"It’s better to be a big heart than a big shot" was a familiar saying in the Brown household.

And this led Paul from a successful corporate career and on to ChildFund New Zealand as CEO. For the last 15 years he led the team here, helping children out of poverty and helping children to thrive, while continuously pushing the boundaries on the norm of non-profits.

Paul shares simple and powerful ways on embracing the challenge of change. Listen to the podcast:

Paul talks about:

  • How to disrupt the status quo to socially innovate and invest. And how to navigate the challenges that come with this.

  • Why philanthropic, donation-based funding is already on the way out - and how to move to a new model based on investing for impact.

  • The secrets that allow non-profits to experiment and push for change. It starts with permission to fail… but there’s more to it than that.

  • The power of changing physical location, and how intentionally changing spaces to be part of an innovative ecosystem might allow your organisation to be more impactful.

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