Sinyawagora Health Centre, the build is on!

Sinyawagora Health Centre, the build is on!

Our partners in Zambia, the Luangwa Child Development Agency (LCDA) are working with a construction contractor on building the new health centre for the community of Sinyawagora.

Materials have been purchased and moved on site, foundations have been dug and the footing finished, with foundational boxing underway. The building plans were provided by the Government in Luangwa and a building engineer from the local Government is monitoring the project. 

A community project committee has been set up and they are working with the construction contractors including by sourcing locally available materials.

"Engaging tChildFund LCDA Federation Manager Dr. Danford Makayi he community in advance of the project start date enabled the community to mobilise and sufficiently source locally available materials for the construction of the project that included crushed stones, river sand and building sand. The project team will continue working closely with the contractor and the community project committee so that any foreseen project challenge can be addressed proactively before such a challenge can negatively impact the project." 

Dr. Danford Makayi, Federation Manager of LCDA 


November 2020 Update: Quenelda Clegg, ChildFund Programme Director

"You helped us to raise over $100,000 and now the construction of a new healthcare centre in Sinywagora (a very remote part of Luangwa), Zambia, has begun. This new centre will provide access to quality healthcare to over 2,400 people (including nearly 500 children under age five)

Quenelda Clegg Programmes Director ChildFund

When I visited Sinywagora last October, I was simply amazed at how many community members (over 100 individuals) came to a meeting to advocate for a new healthcare centre. Mothers, fathers and grandparents stood up and spoke passionately about the need for improved facilities and quality healthcare. Some had already started to collect materials for the project and even had started to make bricks. Land was gifted by the village chief and, so far, over 9,000 blocks have already been laid for the new structure and community members are helping with the build. 

Previously, families had to walk up to 25 kms to the nearest adequate facility (which was the Katondwe Mission Hospital). Often, parents do not have access to a vehicle, so they must carry their children, or put them in a wheelbarrow to take them to Katondwe. 

The old healthcare facility in Sinywagora was literally falling down. It had cracked walls, a damaged floor and part of the roof was missing. It was actually not fit for human occupation, let alone to be a place where people went for help. 

The new building will include a medical laboratory, separate wards for female and male patients, new toilets and a staff house. 

On behalf of the children and families in the community of Sinywagora that you have helped, thank you so much." 

Quenelda Clegg, Programme Director 


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